Tomorrow begins today!”

— Rach Society

From Ghetto 2 Grandeur

The phrase that comes to mind when you hear the name Rothschild is the same one that comes to mind when you hear the name Rach Society, From Ghetto 2 Grandeur. 

A live instrument embodying, synthesizer blended rap album capable of leaving Hip-Hop fans shaking, trappers with their jaws on the floor, boss chicks quivering, and suburban-kids feeling dope for a second or two, From Ghetto 2 Grandeur is as real and thought provoking as it gets. 

With fresh rhymes of potency fronted by Rach’s trademark raspy, in-your-face voice and an attentive ear for sophisticated street music, Rach Society is able to combine the smarts of Jay-Z with the boldness of Tupac Shakur.  All while crafting a well produced, hook-laden rap album appealing to rap, trap, and Hip-Hop fans alike. 

To put it another way, Rach Society’s From Ghetto 2 Grandeur takes you to a time when there was honor among thieves. The trap house was called crack house, the streets didn’t talk, and men didn’t effeminize themselves. Wondering how life ended up imitating art. reminiscing of how you didn’t get the girl at the party, and how life doesn’t seem to be coming up roses at the moment. 

Here is an album that conceals the buoyancy, but has a touch of it.  This is the album you always crave after the harsh realities of life seem to be setting in.  This is the genius of Memphis’ Rach Society!

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